ilove this site
obi kaka
lome, togo - Wednesday - September 29th, 2004

great site!
shandy (
USA - Tuesday - September 14th, 2004

Hi Yea I\'m another Champney...I grew up in Guatemala and my fathers family are the only Champneys in Guatemala his great grand father came from Boston and had a cofee farm in Guatemala where now the champneys are growing.Now I live in FL I came here to go to college is pretty cool to see there are more Champneys out there...peace Luna
Luna Champney (
Orlando, FL USA/Guatemala - Saturday - July 31st, 2004

I ran across your website some how....The Cory Champney as is my nephew lives in Forest City, IA
Robin Bowcock (
Clear lake, IA USA - Friday - July 16th, 2004

KOREA, KO KOREA - Tuesday - June 29th, 2004

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CA, CA USA - Wednesday - February 4th, 2004

Hey, I like your site!
Amanda (
Marietta, FA USA - Saturday - January 31st, 2004

I\'m a young 42, a hot babe, yeah... HOT. Wondered if you have any 4th rowers. I need em NOW.
sterling, va USA - Monday - January 5th, 2004

Hey,Great to see so many of us around.You have done a great job with the site.To you and all of us CHAMPNEYS around..HI and good health to you all!!!!
Charles J Champney Jr (
Marlow, NH USA - Tuesday - December 30th, 2003

USA - Monday - July 28th, 2003

What up Champney...heard you got a fatty FX job from Steve Du...thought I might sign your guestbook, see if you had any info up on your sight, and check out your DMB stuff in the process. Cheers! :-P
Richard Forman (
Leesburg, Va USA - Wednesday - July 9th, 2003

I can\'t believe I have found this site since I have gone through life thinking I am one in a million now I find that I am 100 in a million .I will be back. Jon
jon (
auckland , new zealand - Thursday - May 15th, 2003

YO, Champney Pride, all over the USA baby!!!
Nick (
Brattleboro, VT USA - Tuesday - April 22nd, 2003

Very very nice page but is there a chance to get the mp3 and video-stuff because i haven\'t finished the download-session yet! Nice Greetings in hope for an answer - Conschtie - DMB 4ever!!! Crush for the world!!!
Conschtie (
Graal-Müritz , MP Germany - Thursday - April 3rd, 2003

sweet kisses
USA - Tuesday - April 1st, 2003

hahaha word up homies...... you have the same last name as i do isnt it cool shit peace
Chris (
Palmer, Ma USA - Friday - March 28th, 2003

people call me Mango i live in England and i\'m related to u!
Laura (
england - Wednesday - March 19th, 2003

hey i know this is crazy but my name is matt champney too. im 16 years old in MA. and i was wondering what nationality you were because my grandfather was adopted and i have no clue what nationality the Champney side of my family is. please email me back asap thanks man later
Matt Champney (
southbridge, ma USA - Sunday - March 9th, 2003

Cool site, are you ever going to put some new content up? Put somthing where MP3\'s and Videos used to be? anyone reading this SHOULD COME TO MY SITE AT:
USA - Saturday - March 8th, 2003

Yay! a Champney!!! lol
Hannah Champney (
Reading, UK - Saturday - March 1st, 2003

Excellent site ! You are very talented and the photos look beautiful! Keep up the good work!
discus (
bruxel, USA - Saturday - February 22nd, 2003

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KoldKadavr (
Topeka, ks USA - Thursday - February 13th, 2003

Really enjoyed browsing through your site. Lots of information and an nice desgin. Keep going!
Samantha Williams (
USA, none USA - Saturday - February 8th, 2003

I am launching a site that gives away DMB tickets. Contact me!!
Billy (
Houston, TX USA - Friday - February 7th, 2003

Hey, i found a site with my last name. Cool site. Add another champney to the list. later
Drew Champney (
NY USA - Thursday - January 23rd, 2003

Hey, my last name is Champney. Weird huh? Maybe were distant relatives or something. Write me some time and tell me where you\'re from. Bye. -Jon
Jon Champney (
Corvallis, OR USA - Monday - January 20th, 2003

Hi! Just discovered your site while playing with geneology. Do you know anything about your ancesters? We must have a shared branch somewhere! I\'m in far northern NY, Potsdam, where a few Champneys settled in the early 1800\'s. Where is your branch from? Hope to hear from you!
Kathryn (Champney) Mulkin (
Potsdam, NY USA - Saturday - January 18th, 2003

I would like to find the complete Farm Aid 2001 & 2002 (as broadcast CMT) or ANY personal or home videos that were recorded at either show. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Jim (
Rochester, NH USA - Monday - January 13th, 2003

Just wanted to say that i have got songs off hear a lot and thank you for them. I\'m sorry they are not up running. Hope to see then again!
ggies (
TX USA - Tuesday - January 7th, 2003

what happen to the songs!??? i really look forward to those songs when i get to work. will they be back up?
ronnie (
monroe, la USA - Thursday - December 5th, 2002

me i done waka here keep of oooooooooooooooooooooooo
muguman (
lome, lo togo - Sunday - December 1st, 2002

Aside from the great music - I\'ve only recently discovered Dave Matthews -cvongrats on an extremely well done site. Very, very professional in every way. Look forward to visiting regularly.
Gilliad (
Truro, NS Canada - Saturday - November 23rd, 2002

Hi From Argentina: I just want to say thanks!! I`v found some great versions of some of my favourites songs as: satellite,41, crash into me, etc..etc.. I hope some day I could be in a show of DMB! Kisses and good luck for all of you. Love & Music, Pari
Pari (
Buenos Aires, Argentina - Tuesday - November 19th, 2002

Hey... Great site you´ve got here.Love it! Thanks...
.Figur. (
Denmark - Tuesday - November 19th, 2002

Your site is the coolest site for DMB.somany songs,videos, must have put some hard work into it...also liked JOUNGM\'s snaps..
pranjal (
bangalore, KN INDIA - Tuesday - November 5th, 2002

Thanks to all who made this site possible. I\'ve been to many DMB sites and this one definitely ranks at the top of the list. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 08/02/98 show in Vernon Downs? It\'s hard to come by, and since I was there, I would love to get a copy. Thanks again for this great site!
Dave (
Elmira, NY USA - Sunday - November 3rd, 2002

Hey all. ive visiyed this so many times and its great. i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the apri8 2002 show did at the fleetcenter
Giancarlo (
boston, ma USA - Friday - November 1st, 2002

Thank you so much for this wonderful site! I love everything on it - you guys did a great job.
Diana (
Littleton, Co USA - Friday - October 25th, 2002

This is the BEST DMB site I\'ve been to!!!
Sarah (
KC, KS USA - Thursday - October 17th, 2002

Dude, Your site rocks!! -CB
Carter B (
KC, KS USA - Wednesday - October 16th, 2002

This site is freaking awesome, I love all the videos and books you have in the merch. section and the videos you can watch for free are really cool. Thanks for making such an awesome Dave site!
Randy Lee (
Gulf Breeze, FL USA - Sunday - October 13th, 2002

Great great site!! Congratulations!! I\'m from spain and I\'m still waiting to see Dave and his band here... I hope someday..
spain - Friday - October 11th, 2002

I was led here by a link on a nancies message board that touted the 10 spot Halloween as the angriest version ever. It and your site did not dissappoint. You\'ve been added to my DMB folder on my favoites list. Great site.
Chicago, IL USA - Thursday - October 3rd, 2002

Your site still seems to be doing pretty well. I think it\'s time to sprinkle in some commercial elements and turn this into a highly profitable revenue-generator. Man, I could use the money.
Owner of 1/2 of your wealth
Hartford, CT USA - Tuesday - October 1st, 2002

I\'m a big fan of DMB here in Portugal. Keep on with this great work. I\'ll be visiting you... Best regards.
fernando ramos (
lisboa, Portugal - Tuesday - September 24th, 2002

I\'m a big fan of DMB here in Portugal. Your site was the greatest work i have saw until this moment. Go on with this great site. Best regards. I\'l be visiting you...
fernando ramos (
lisboa, Portugal - Tuesday - September 24th, 2002

Your site is simply amazing!!!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work! :-)
Canada - Sunday - September 22nd, 2002

I don\'t usually sign guestbooks, but your site puts many to shame. Excellent work with getting so much stuff up to help the greedy-hungry fans of the band. Keep it up guy!
dmb fan
USA - Wednesday - September 18th, 2002

This is one of the few Absolutely Fucking AWESOME DMB site\'s I have been too in a while.. you feed the utter need to hear all things Dave dude..
Bridget (
Louisa, VA USA - Friday - September 13th, 2002

This is one of the few Absolutely Fucking AWESOME DMB site\'s I have been too in a while.. you feed the utter need to hear all things Dave dude..
Bridget (
Louisa, VA USA - Friday - September 13th, 2002

Bloody Brilliant Site mate! Where\'d ya get all this stuff. Awsome!
Richard (
Wellington , NEW ZEALAND - Tuesday - September 10th, 2002

Does anyone know the name of the unknown song that is on the 1992/09/11 TKE House acoustic show? Also, any single DMB female fans? :0)
Jonnie Walker (
Reno, NV USA - Friday - August 30th, 2002

Killer site, man, killer site. I love the live downloads:)
Joseph Austin
TN USA - Wednesday - August 28th, 2002

Hey! I\'m new in DMB; now listening a lot of this stuff, and searching for info... Your site is very helpfull... thanks form Poland, Europe... :)
kruq (
Wrocˆaw, Poland - Friday - August 23rd, 2002

Thank you so much for having this site. I looked long and hard for the Lillywhite Sessions and thanks to you I finally have it!!
Kyle Burton (
Madison, WV USA - Friday - August 9th, 2002

Hi everybody-greetings from germany-DMB Rules!Say Dave that we are waiting for him here:-)´ll see him more on tour as we do.Can you please post the Storytellers Gig in your mp3.downloads...thamk you very much!greetings.
Kassel, Germany - Wednesday - August 7th, 2002

This site is great. It sounds absurd, but it helps ease my post-tour depression. That sounds a bit pathetic, but whatever, it\'s true. The Hartford, CT show (1st night) was amazing. You should throw that up if it comes your way. Thanks for the great site -- keep it going.
NYC, NY USA - Wednesday - August 7th, 2002

Your site is incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! All DMB fans need to visit!
Tami Freeman (
Fort Worth, TX USA - Wednesday - August 7th, 2002

Guess I have to agree with just about every comment in your guesbook. This site is AMAZING. Thanks for being such a huge fan and sharing all Dave\'s great music with the rest of the world!
Austin, TX USA - Sunday - August 4th, 2002

I love your site. Great work. I\'m making sure to tell all my DMB friends about this site!
Matt Luce (
Manhattan Beach, CA USA - Wednesday - July 31st, 2002

Thank you so much for your site it\'s incredible with great quality music, thank you again.
daniela (
Glendale, NY USA - Thursday - July 25th, 2002

Hello, thanks for this great site, your work is just amazing, thanks for a lot of songs and concerts and other stuff. Regards from Chile.
Marcial Jaramillo (
Santiago, Chile, South America - Wednesday - July 24th, 2002

I have been seaching for the song called Eleanor for 6 years now. You made it possible.Thanks for this awesome site! You have done wonders!
sindur (
cincinnati, oh USA - Wednesday - July 24th, 2002

This site is incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you\'ve given us.
Sean M (
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Tuesday - July 16th, 2002

this is by far the most extensive music site I\'ve seen. I don\'t know how you get all this, but I sure am glad you do. Thanks for an awesome site.
Ken (
Essex junction, VT USA - Sunday - July 7th, 2002

I ahve a very strong, quaker feeling that you added a few of those shiney-stars on the large view of your new car! Exactly how much of that car is REAL, and how much is COMPLETE FABRICATION??? I await your reply, fiend!
Micky (
Quakersville, PA USA - Wednesday - July 3rd, 2002

Your DMB site is really awesome, I hope you don\'t mind if I check out your blending script, I think its really cool. Just send me an email if you don\'t want me using it and I\'ll understand. Again very nice DMB site!!!
DLink (
PA USA - Monday - July 1st, 2002

thanks for this site!
Kasia (
Poland - Sunday - June 30th, 2002

mike (
temecula, ca USA - Monday - June 17th, 2002

Thanks for the great stuff for us DMB fans!
Geoff Holm
USA - Friday - June 7th, 2002

Fantastic Site! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us devoted Dave fans.
Rich (
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday - June 2nd, 2002

Fantastic Site! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us devoted Dave fans.
Rich (
Evansville, IN USA - Sunday - June 2nd, 2002

GREAT PAGE.. Love the Dave MP3\'s and Videos!!!!
Barry Nomann (
Chandler, AZ USA - Tuesday - May 28th, 2002

thanks for the Lillywhite Sessions. Now this is true DMB.
Fujisawa, Japan - Friday - May 17th, 2002

Your site is awesome!!! Keep up the good work man!!! I envy your skills!
Allen (
Boulder, Co USA - Thursday - May 16th, 2002

Thank you thank you thank you!!Ya know its quite hard to be a german DMB Fan, your site makes it a lil`bit easier to live with cancelled concerts and unavailable (older) albums. Great Site, cool stuff, incredible good work! keep it up please! Regards
Konrad Laske
Cottbus, Germany - Tuesday - May 14th, 2002

You\'re site design is very nice, and of course it is, you run linux :) I installed mandrake on mine a few weeks ago and Im in love. It\'s tough but worth it
aggieJenn (
Austin, TX USA - Sunday - May 12th, 2002

Ryan, Your page might be all great and all, but that doesn\'t relieve you of keeping in touch with your friends. We are graduating in two weeks and you\'re not. When we become world famous artists, we will not grace you with our paintings, you will have to bid for them along with all the other admirers. By the way, we still expect a 25% cut of whatever you make in the future for putting up with your crap.
Leigh and Ashley
Cville, VA USA - Friday - May 3rd, 2002

Ryan, Your page might be all great and all, but that doesn\'t relieve you of keeping in touch with your friends. We are graduating in two weeks and you\'re not. When we become world famous artists, we will not grace you with our paintings, you will have to bid for them along with all the other admirers. By the way, we still expect a 25% cut of whatever you make in the future for putting up with your crap.
Leigh and Ashley
Cville, VA USA - Friday - May 3rd, 2002

Best site I have ever been to. Great connections and amazing quality concerts. Thanks for all of your help.
Ryan (
College Park, MD USA - Friday - May 3rd, 2002

Good Sir, Bless your soul. The DMB archive is the best there is. We are all grateful for it. Peace.
USA - Sunday - April 21st, 2002

Ryan~ You\'re last entry said he loved you... are u trying to steal him from me? I\'ll agree though... you\'re the greatest computer nerd ever! Come visit.. there might even be a convention this weekend :)
Melody (
Orlando, FL USA - Saturday - April 6th, 2002

I wanted to tell you that I love you. You fixed my internet-thingy and I will forever be in debt to your computer skills. Thank you buddy. I hope to be able to return the favor.
BJ (
ATL, GA USA - Saturday - April 6th, 2002

This site is the best DMB site ever! Im from Europe, so Dave isnt really big here, and I cant find anything about him (Live In Chicago isnt even in the CD Stores yet), but now I have an endless suplly of his (early) music. Thank You Ryan, this is good stuff (and not busted stuff). BRING DAVE TO AMSTERDAM! Peace, im out.
Netherlands - Monday - April 1st, 2002

Nice Work! Lillywhite made for about a 10 hour day at 56k, but worth it. Need some pictures of the Gorge in George, WA An annual 3-day Summer DMB extravaganza!
Brian M
Seattle, WA USA - Tuesday - March 26th, 2002

What else can I say...this site rocks! Thanks for all of your hard work and effort.
Heather (
Boardman, OH USA - Thursday - March 14th, 2002

Hi everybody! Just wanted to show my appreciation to this great site! Thanks alot for making downloading the DMB so much easier. =)
Umea, Sweden - Tuesday - March 12th, 2002

This is great.... I finally can make use of my computer at work. I alredy listen to DMB all day, no I can download all day too. Thanks for creating this site. So user friendly and DMB friendly.
Susann B (
Houston, TX USA - Monday - March 11th, 2002

I love this site!!! The MP3 sections is the best! I am a huge DMB fan and I have to say this is one of the best sites out there! Thanks and keep adding more MP3\'s!! Does anyone have any extra tickets for the Minneapolis show??? Please email if so, I am very interested!
Randy Kelsey (
Eagan, MN USA - Friday - March 8th, 2002

I love this site! the video section is great. I always like to listen to them when I can\'t get to the shows, now it is nice to have a place to watch clips of the shows too.
Lindsay (
Iowa Ctiy, IA USA - Saturday - March 2nd, 2002

Hey, thanks for this great site!!! I love how you have it arranged and the content. Thanks again!! Brad
Brad Mull (
Lafayette, In USA - Friday - March 1st, 2002

Hey, thanks for this great site!!! I love how you have it arranged and the content. Thanks again!! Brad
Brad Mull (
Lafayette, In USA - Friday - March 1st, 2002

Great Site, Thanks so much.
Sean Ian Cassidy
USA - Thursday - February 28th, 2002

Since DMB won\'t be making a concert stop in Hong Kong any time soon, big thanks to you for bringing us the next best thing!
Chris Clifford (
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China - Tuesday - February 26th, 2002

Showing me this site is the best thing my brother, Chad, has ever done for me! I\'ve been a lover of good music forever, and a DMB fan almost as long. This ROCKS!
Tara Andrelli (
Norwich, CT USA - Thursday - February 21st, 2002

Sorry, I was a little vague on my last entry. I haven\'t been able to listen to songs on your site--not just any songs in general. Thanks! Veronnica
Veronnica (
Fairbanks, AK USA - Wednesday - February 20th, 2002

Hi! I love your site! I\'m from Alaska--fat chance if DMB will ever come up here--and this is the best site I\'ve found to get LOTS of live stuff! Recently, I haven\'t been able to listen to stuff, and downloading would take an hour & a half on my T1 connection. Do you know what\'s up? Thanks for the great site! -Veronnica
Veronnica (
Fairbanks, AK USA - Wednesday - February 20th, 2002

Hey tight site I will definately tell all my friends to take a peek. I have dl all of your shows and look forward to more being added. \"Thanks!\"
rockstar (
Oxford, MS USA - Tuesday - February 19th, 2002

Cool site!
Hannah Champney (
Reading, UK - Thursday - February 14th, 2002

Champney, THIN AIR ACOUSTIC I & II, Track 05 Say Goodbye, it\'s only 45 seconds long..what\'s up? Let me know man. jnathan8
Jake (
Maryville, MO USA - Sunday - February 10th, 2002

I love the site! You are my hero!
brooke (
Poughkeepsie, NY USA - Sunday - February 10th, 2002

I\'ve got an awsome copy of DMB from Lee\'s Palace Toronto. These are sb tapes. ASOME quality. Recorded on 10-6-94. E-mail me if your interested.
Jay Magee (
USA - Sunday - February 10th, 2002

Great site, keep getting more Dave stuff, he rocks!
Jonathan (
Bloomington, IN USA - Wednesday - February 6th, 2002

Nice work on the site. Big ups to all involved.
skyler beresini (
larkspur, ca USA - Friday - February 1st, 2002

hey! great site ! not much else i can say but keep on listening to what ever sets ya free.
bri (
minneapolis, mn USA - Tuesday - January 29th, 2002

love the site and mp3 for dmb are outstanding. provides sanity in foreign world. how about bridge school concerts, which I hear are great?
japan - Tuesday - January 29th, 2002

Hey, did anyone notice that Dave signed Champney\'s guestbook?
jeff simms (
Lake Orion, Mi USA - Saturday - January 19th, 2002

I was wondering if there was any way to download the mp3\'s for Remember Two Things...Dave\'s first album...if you know of any way how to, please contact me via email...Thanks so much and this site ROCKS! Patrick
Patrick H (
Valparaiso, IN USA - Friday - January 18th, 2002

Ryan, There was a different version (a lot more verses instead of mumbling) months ago from the one you have in your \"Rare\" section of \"Any Noise-Anti Noise\"....what happened to it? My computer crashed and I lost the old version....Any help with this?
Jon Noel (
Dallas, TX USA - Friday - January 18th, 2002

Thank you for the time you have taken to put this collection together. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the collection. I am curious if you have any of the 2001 Virginia Beach performance? Thanks, Ron W.
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Tuesday - January 15th, 2002

Dude,you stole all my songs!!What tha fude ,I love you!
David John Matthews (
va, USA - Saturday - January 12th, 2002

i agree with Daniel benney on this one never before have i see a website that contains so much rare and exciting footage of what isd, in my opinion, the best band in the history of time.Well done you are genius, i\'m sooooo excited......oops i\'ve just ***, what a mess...
joe francis (
truro, u.k - Friday - January 11th, 2002

Hello from Norway.. i just had my first listen,and i got one thing to say.. WOW...
Robert Hanssen
steinkjer, Norway - Thursday - January 10th, 2002

Wicked site. Best place I know of that has all this great rare DMB stuff 4 all to enjoy. Thanks.
DaNiEl BeNnEy (
Truro (UK), UK - Tuesday - January 8th, 2002

This site just flat out rocks! Thanks for posting all those great MP3\'s
Al (
Doylestown, PA USA - Monday - January 7th, 2002

What can I say that hasn\'t already been said? I got the Lillywhite sessions w/o having to install any pgms on my PC. Thanx a mill!
Singapore, Singapore - Monday - January 7th, 2002

Just a note to say thanks, only came for Lillywhite, and stayed for Nashville!!! I\'m a massive DMB fan from the UK, and also a drummer (not as good as Carter!!!). Had the pleasure of meeting Dave and seeing him play in London for free! Oh, and if anyone wants to hear me drum, there are MP3s at and If anyone does download anything, email me and tell me what you think! Cheers, Andy x
Andy Lyth (
Nr Manchester, UK - Saturday - January 5th, 2002

This website is verging on divinity. Thanks for making such an extensive DMB site. I\'m going to add a link to your site from my webpage, and praise you like you deserve
USA - Wednesday - January 2nd, 2002

This site is pretty good. I could just screw around in here for hours
Richard Clare (
aurora, co USA - Tuesday - January 1st, 2002

Man thanks for this increadible site!! I really appreciate all the hard work you\'ve put into making such as great website, it\'s simply astounding
Joe Jenkins (
Charlottesville (home of dave matthews), VA USA - Monday - December 31st, 2001

Hey man just wanted to say thanks for all the great DMB mp3s. I really appriciate you sharing Dave\'s tunes with everyone. Later.. Jonathan
Jonathan (
Beach Haven & Shamong, NJ USA - Tuesday - December 18th, 2001

Hello from a fellow Champney. I have a daughter who attends UF in Gainesville and is a die-hard Dave Matthews fan. Perhaps you\'re cousins! :-) Great site!
Hallie (
Tampa, FL USA - Sunday - December 16th, 2001

This site is amazing. Of the other entries mention that this site is DMB heaven. I agree. Thanks for maintaining it. I really appreciate it.
Muncie, IN USA - Friday - December 14th, 2001

This kicks Ass!! Thanks for all the great mp3\'s. Can\'t get enough of Dave.
Ryan (
Bismarck, ND USA - Wednesday - December 12th, 2001

I just wanted to say this is the greatest site for DMB stuff. Thanks for all the great stuff. It is amazing!! Keep up the great work.
Bern (
NY USA - Wednesday - December 12th, 2001

Thank you for all your effort put forth to achieve this site. It is truly a work of art. I appreciate being able to get all this high quality music. Again, thanks for all your!!!
Baddad (
wi USA - Sunday - December 9th, 2001

This web site is cool as fuck its great that it has a lot of mp3s you can download
Bran Hoffman (
Jacksonville , FL USA - Tuesday - December 4th, 2001

I\'m just one of many here that think the same thing as everyone else here. Thanks for the site,the work,and the music.
dallas, TX USA - Monday - December 3rd, 2001

I have a dmb song that i can\'t find the name of any where ive searched everywhere. If any one thinks the can help me email me.
Giancarlo (
Boston, ma USA - Monday - December 3rd, 2001

jeff (
raleigh, nc USA - Monday - December 3rd, 2001

this site simply rules
USA - Sunday - December 2nd, 2001

Don\'t ever get rid of this page. It\'s so awesome!!! I love your MP3 collections. Sound quality is excellent. Keep up the good work.
USA - Sunday - December 2nd, 2001

this really IS a great site! I found what i was looking for (lillywhite) and even more ;) so thank you! jamo from Finland, Europe
jamo (
Joensuu, - Finland - Sunday - December 2nd, 2001

I have been looking for a site like this for a while and came across it several weeks many songs that I have heard of by name but never the actual song - pretty phat site........
Bayside, NY USA - Friday - November 30th, 2001

I have been looking for a site like this for a while and came across it several weeks many songs that I have heard of by name but never the actual song - pretty phat site........
Bayside, NY USA - Friday - November 30th, 2001

WHAT AN AWESOME SITE! I haven\'t seen such a great, RELIABLE source for anything and everything DMB! Excellent job, and thank you for such a great resource.
Nick Holman (
Jax, FL USA - Friday - November 30th, 2001

i know ringo
Torres (
LR, DR DR - Friday - November 30th, 2001

Great site. We are all very greatful for all the hard work. Thank you so much for helping to enlarge the DMB fanbase. Peace.
Matthew Tagman (
olympia, wa USA - Friday - November 30th, 2001

Great Site!! Anyone know where to find the 1999 VH1 storytellers show?
Dan (
Toronto, On Canada - Thursday - November 29th, 2001

i absolutely love this site. dmb is the greatest band of all time. i love listening to the nashville show on july 25. i was there and it was an experience like none other. the versions of \"bartender\" and \"big eyed fish\" are wonderful. they have unbelieveable talent and what a great site to hear the great and wonderful sounds of good music.
ryan white
ooltewah, tn USA - Wednesday - November 28th, 2001

Hi, I\'am looking for my cousin Kenneth Champney. If you know him tell him to drop me a line. Dennis B. DeLaire
Dennis B. DeLaire (
Glastonbury, CT USA - Wednesday - November 28th, 2001

great site! thank you so much for all of your hard work!
Bill (
indianapolis, IN USA - Monday - November 26th, 2001

wow. wow. wow. what an awesome site. everything is just perfect..they layout, the pics, the DL\' my friend simply ROCK THE CASBAH!!! Thank You so very much for this site. This is by far the best site on the internet as a whole! Awesome.
Tina (
Stoney Creek, ON Canada - Sunday - November 25th, 2001

Great site. Thank you, the hard work you put into this site is greatly appreciated.
Paula (
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Saturday - November 24th, 2001

Excellent Site!!!! Do you know where I can get a hold of the Dave show on 5/15/2001, in Phoenix? If you do please let me know. Thx
Nathan Chavez (
Gilbert, Az USA - Wednesday - November 21st, 2001

Thanks! This site is awesome! Thanks you so much for the Lilly White sessions. You must have some money to burn becuase I know this bandwidth isn\'t cheap. Whatever you motivations, I\'m thankful you were here.
Brian Salisbury
Gwinn, MI USA - Tuesday - November 20th, 2001

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! What a great site, now if I could just find a Blues Traveler site like this one...
Steven (
Clermont, FL USA - Saturday - November 17th, 2001

all right! good good good kick ass site!
heather (
USA - Saturday - November 17th, 2001

This is THEY best site when it comes to downloading songs!!! Glad I found it! ;)
Andres (
ZH Netherlands - Saturday - November 17th, 2001

sarah (
CANADA - Monday - November 12th, 2001

The best DMB site I have ever been to. The mp3 archive is intense.
Chad (
Wheeling, WV USA - Saturday - November 10th, 2001

great site!
Devin (
Edmond, OK USA - Wednesday - November 7th, 2001

Wow! I couldn\'t be more impressed with your site! It is probably the best DMB site I\'ve ever been. You really seem to take great pride in my, as well as many other people\'s favorite band. Thanks!
Matt S. (
IL USA - Tuesday - November 6th, 2001

this is a great piece of work
Andy Moore (
tulsa, ok USA - Tuesday - November 6th, 2001

This is by far the most resourceful dave matthews site on the internet. All these files are awesome, i don\'t know how you are able to fit all this on your site. I have been dowloading every thing i can since i found your site. I hope you continue to update your mp3s and videos because they are great. Thanks for this great site.
Paul Buckle (
Houston , TX USA - Monday - November 5th, 2001

KIckass site. We all appreciate what you do.
USA - Sunday - November 4th, 2001

I got all the stuff I could out of your site and I thank you so very much for it:)
Corrie (
San Buenaventura, CA USA - Sunday - November 4th, 2001

I love your site, I dont know how your server lets you hold all of this stuff on one webpage, I bet people download like 3 GB total in just one day, well yall pull it off, yall are great!! DMB rules!!!
Adam (
Spartanburg, SC USA - Saturday - November 3rd, 2001

one more thing - the 24/7 DMB RULES!!! thanx again - alot!
Dave (
gold canyon, az USA - Friday - November 2nd, 2001

you are a GOD!!! I found your page looking for the lillywhite album. I now have it and a whole lot more!!!! keep it up - thank you
Dave (
gold canyon, az USA - Friday - November 2nd, 2001

I bought the new live cd (chicago 98) and I got two of disc one and no disc two, also i noticed a weird feedback type noise on track 2 around the 4:10 mark. Just wondering if anyone else had the same thing happen to them. Great site! Ga Tech
micah (
atlanta, ga USA - Wednesday - October 31st, 2001

Fell in love with Dave Matthews at Bridge School you feed that need. Thanks baby!
MsVoodooChild (
San Francisco, CA USA - Wednesday - October 31st, 2001

You have an awesome resource for Dave Fan\'s and music fan\'s alike. I\'m glad to have found you, keep it up!
Jon Polikowski (
Milwaukee, WI USA - Thursday - October 25th, 2001

Does anyone have the songs Dave did at Farm Aid this year? I\'ve got almost all of them, I think. If anyone\'s got them email me or look for me on AIM, LenLU9. I am looking to trade for other shows too.
Len (
Nashville, TN USA - Friday - October 19th, 2001

I LOVE YOU!!! I already have almost 500 unique dave songs from many concert bootlegs, and this is such a huge beautiful, awesome, great, site!!!
Toby (
Olympia, WA USA - Friday - October 19th, 2001

I ran across your site by accident. Just thought you might be part of the family, when I seen the name Champney. My father and his family are from New Hampshire. How about your family? Peggy
Peggy Champney Holt (
Sanford, NC USA - Thursday - October 18th, 2001

What a great service to bring the Lillywhite Sessions among others to the public... thanks!
Michele (
West Palm Beach, FL USA - Wednesday - October 17th, 2001

WOW! You ROCK! I have looked all over for the Lillywhite sessions, and you have them all. This site is so kick a**. Thanks a million!
Becky (
DeKalb, IL USA - Tuesday - October 16th, 2001

I don\'t want to know how much you\'re paying for the bandwidth needed to keep this site up, but please don\'t go away. Thanks for your devotion to the best band on the planet and for letting us all share the love.
Brandon Gunnip (
Richmond, VA USA - Monday - October 15th, 2001

GREAT site!! This is the 2nd time I add this on the guestbook and will again, if needed. As I can\'t find your e-mail address anywhere on the site, i\'ll have to put this here: Seek Up & Too Much from the Puzzled album are blank! Maybe it\'s my computer, but I\'ve downloaded them twice. I\'m sorry if I bothered you in any way (I see you have many requests already). Once again, AWESOME site, great selection of mp3s and outstanding web design!!
Claudio Sarmiento (
Cuernavaca, Mo Mexico - Monday - October 15th, 2001

Absolutely Fantastic Page!!! Thank you so much for all the MP3\'s, they\'re great. I really like the lillywhite sessions.
Jackson (
Omaha, NE USA - Monday - October 15th, 2001

Cole (
Ithaca, NY USA - Sunday - October 14th, 2001

Amazing site, I\'ve been looking for a place like this for a while. It\'s good to find someone who shares his copies of shows instead of making you sign up for porn to access a site to get one show. Looking forward to updates, keep up the great work!
Len A (
Nashville, TN USA - Sunday - October 14th, 2001

This site rocks. Good job on your archive. I was looking for a site like this for months.
Greg (
CT USA - Friday - October 12th, 2001

I LOVE your DMB section in this website. I have one request: a bunch of my friends and I are wondering if you can tell me how I can get the Dave concert from 7-6-01 at Soldier Field. If you could do this, I would really appreciate it. Once again, this is one of the best sites I have encountered.
Peter Jang (
Palos Heights, IL USA - Thursday - October 11th, 2001

I am looking for a concert that Dave Matthews did kinda on his own. I think it was at something called the Deke house or the TKE house. Does this sound familiar and if so, how can I find it?
Jasien Swords (
San Marcos, TX USA - Tuesday - October 9th, 2001

Great site, and great archive. Any chance you could throw the Swarthmore College show from 1995 up there? I\'ve been looking for it for a while in digital format, and I can\'t find the complete set anywhere. Thanks in advance and great site!
Steve (
Wilmington, DE USA - Tuesday - October 9th, 2001

Yo man, this site is so bada$$!!! Keep up the good work my friend. Peace
Ryan (
Roswell, GA USA - Sunday - October 7th, 2001

Thanks for bringing this great website to all of us DMB fans. Your hard work is bring endless entertainment to all of us fans. Please keep up the good work. If I happent to stumble on some DMB music you don\'t have I will try to send it you to add to your collection.
Lowell (
Fairfax, VA USA - Sunday - October 7th, 2001

You dont understand how bad ive wanted to see Dave at story tellers. Ive tried everywhere to get it! Thanks! you have f*ckin everything, its great
Andy (
USA - Saturday - October 6th, 2001

I wish I could say more than thanks!!I would have never found any where what I\'ve found in here. My circle of friends are not in to Dave (atleast not like I am)THANK YOU!! It is a magnificent site
Evlyn Cabeza (
Naples, Fl USA - Friday - October 5th, 2001

Great site! I was just looking for a whole Dave Live@Luther College thing and ended up browsing the site. Thanks!
Edward Gonda (
San Fernando, Philippines - Wednesday - October 3rd, 2001

Champney-THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for all the great Dave stuff. This is an absolutely incredible site. Thanks again for all the listening pleasure
Steve West (
Denver, CO USA - Wednesday - October 3rd, 2001

Champney-THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH for all the great Dave stuff. This is an absolutely incredible site. Thanks again for all the listening pleasure
Steve West (
Denver, CO USA - Wednesday - October 3rd, 2001

Champney, Great site. Thank you ~so~ much for having this -very high quality- stuff up for us to enjoy. --Great job on programing the site...I have never had an errored download. Keep it comin\'...please. C\'yall out there in 2002.
Tom (
MA USA - Wednesday - October 3rd, 2001

Incredible site! Great selection of DMB MP3s. Gotta get Dave\'s cover of \"Imagine\" from last nights John Lennon Tribute...
FL USA - Wednesday - October 3rd, 2001

I would like to add that the WTC 2005 is a disgrace. No one should be makeing a joke about this horrible tragedy!
USA - Tuesday - October 2nd, 2001

Great site! I\'m a huge Dave fan. Great Mp3\'s except they quit downloading early sometimes...
Evan (
Charlotte, NC USA - Tuesday - October 2nd, 2001

Thanks for the sites
Jaime Parrott (
Henderson, NC USA - Tuesday - October 2nd, 2001

Virginia beat Clemson, and Clemson beat GT, therefore, Virginia will beat GT!
Ryan Zook (
USA - Sunday - September 30th, 2001

cool site, great selection of mp3\'s. too bad not many people here in SA are fans of DMB. you don\'t know if the guys might do overseas tours any time soon. great work on the site
Beefcake Bauer (
Cape Town, South Africa - Sunday - September 30th, 2001

Love the site!!! I need a banner so I Can link up from mine and spread the word. Will prop major when I do my next radio show!!! Thanks for the mp3s!
Radiomarlowe (
Tampa, FL USA - Saturday - September 29th, 2001

thank you for taking the time to make this available. great stuff. sd
steve duris
denver, CO USA - Saturday - September 29th, 2001

awesome site...probably the best collection of dave mp3s and video around, well done
matty (
USA - Friday - September 28th, 2001

Grrrrrrreat site!!! Simply stunning mp3 collection. One question tho... I think you\'re missing \"Dancing Nancies\" and \"Say Goodbye\" from the Rutebega Studios set. Anyways thanks for an awesome site!!!
GreyStreet (
USA - Friday - September 28th, 2001

Fantastic site. We\'re all in appreciation for your work (the 24 hour shuffle is especially cool)
Dave B
Stanford, CA USA - Thursday - September 27th, 2001

Awesome, this page is the bomb! Thanks for the huge amount of tracks and concerts(especially the Scott Stadium concert)! Keep up the good work!!
Jay (
Germany - Thursday - September 27th, 2001

Amazing, it´s great,the collection of songs is very wide spread and it´s nearly the first time, that downloadlinks are NOT dead, thank you very much for your engagement, i´m looking forward to see DMB in Cologne this november,the best band ever *g*
Katharina (
Germany - Wednesday - September 26th, 2001

this is an amazing selection of dmb stuff that you have. i love the mp3s and the videos are awesome too! keep up the great work. this site kicks!
- Monday - September 24th, 2001

Great site...Love the MP3s. Thanks!!!
Tony (
Pismo Beach, Ca USA - Monday - September 24th, 2001

Great website. Appreciate the mp3s, but Crashing The Quarter is missing So Much To Say... Is there anyway you could post that, or if not, e-mail me somewhere that I can get it from. Thanks a lot!
B. Ray (
Cleveland, OH USA - Thursday - September 20th, 2001

I can\'t believe how lucky I am to have found this site... Thank you.
stoney (
midland, mi USA - Wednesday - September 19th, 2001

i love dmb & the black crowes and i want yuo email me thank yuo
amine (
constantine, no ALGERIA - Wednesday - September 19th, 2001

Best website on the web never go away!!! Those Mp3\'s Kick ass
Anders Wistrand (
USA - Tuesday - September 18th, 2001

I stumbled upon this page while looking for the Lillywhite Sessions album. I am really glad that I did. Thanks a billion.
Jason Kindt (
St. Petersburg, FL USA - Tuesday - September 18th, 2001

You have the tightest page I have seen. This is the best collection of Dave you can find on the internet to my knowledge. Keep it up!!! Thanks for making it available!
Jeff (
Portsmouth, NH USA - Tuesday - September 18th, 2001

Just want to drop you a line and say thanks for having such a great site and an even better collection of DAVE. Keep up the great work! Thanks again!
Kevin (
Atlanta, GA USA - Monday - September 17th, 2001

I love this site!! I have been looking for any 2001 shows, and you have the ONE AMAZING ONE with the 30 min #41!!! Keep up with the 2001 shows!! Thank you for putting such great music out to fellow fans
Mike (
Bow, NH USA - Sunday - September 16th, 2001

Man you have the best Dave MP3 site out there right now. All shows great quality, great mixes, and great setlists. I LOVE THIS SITE! DON\'T EVER SHUT DOWN! EVER! Thanks so much.
Michael Hutson (
Charlotte, NC - Friday - September 14th, 2001

For years I\'ve been searching for unreleased DMB songs. Now all i can do is gawk at your huge assortment of DMB songs untill i get a new computer. Please don\'t ever close your site.
John (
Wales, WI USA - Thursday - September 13th, 2001

I\'ve been searching the web for years looking for a DMB site like yours. I\'m glad I finally found it. Your site is excellent! And it\'s really great for DMB fans like me who can\'t afford the space or net-speed to download shn\'s. I just hope your site is never closed down, that it wins the awards it deserves and that others follow your example. Thanks!
Claudio Sarmiento (
Cuernavaca, Mexico - Wednesday - September 12th, 2001

awesome awesome site. you have a great section of mp3s. you should try to get the whole set at woodstock 99. i was there and dave was awesome, but i only have a few songs from there. hook all these dave fans up if you can!
jen (
new orleans, la USA - Monday - September 10th, 2001

hey, awesome site. the pics from turner field were very cool. i loved that concert. just wondering if there was anyway of getting that concert and if so where i could find it. thanx
micheil fairweather (
kingsport, tn USA - Sunday - September 9th, 2001

Great selection of DMB songs.
Michelle (
Palatine , IL USA - Sunday - September 9th, 2001

your site is incredible-one of the best DMB sites I\'ve seen. Keep it up!
Melissa (
USA - Sunday - September 9th, 2001

One of the best site around!! The MP3 section is amazing! Keep on!!
Guido Goglio
Florence, Italy - Saturday - September 8th, 2001

I found your site doing a search for the Lillywhite Sessions. Your site is premium. Thank you for creating this site. . .it\'s a blessing. Mucho PROPS!
Herbie (
Seattle, WA USA - Saturday - September 8th, 2001

The Lilleywhite sessions are incredible. Everyone needs to hear them. Your website is tops! Thank ya...Thank ya very much!
Lebanon, PA USA - Friday - September 7th, 2001

hey this is great...all the dave songs/albums are awesome! keep up the good work!
drew (
somewhere, MD USA - Thursday - September 6th, 2001

Incredible site!!!By far the best i\'ve found for DMB songs. Thanks so much
Reading, PA USA - Tuesday - September 4th, 2001

Amazing site! I just got back from all three shows at the Gorge in George, Washington. Dave was incredible! Now I must download the Lillywhite Sessions. Thank you so much!!
Autumn (
Coeur d\'Alene, ID USA - Sunday - September 2nd, 2001

Amazing site! I just got back from all three shows at the Gorge in George, Washington. Dave was incredible! Now I must download the Lillywhite Sessions. Thank you so much!!
Autumn (
Coeur d\'Alene, ID USA - Sunday - September 2nd, 2001

I hate to sound like Wayne and Garth, but \'this site rocks!\' Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!
Lisa West (
Ankeny, IA USA - Sunday - September 2nd, 2001

Great site keep it going on like this.
Mönchengladbach, Germany - Sunday - September 2nd, 2001

This site is incredible. You have and excellent set of downloads. Keep up the GREAT work.
Sean M (
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Saturday - September 1st, 2001

this site is great i just downloaded the lillywhite sessions.
dan (
philadelphia, pa USA - Friday - August 31st, 2001

Great site! Very impressive. Just caught DMB at the Gorge in Wash. for the third year in a row and am pleased to say that Dave just keeps on rockin\'. Thanks for all the great downloads. Cheers!!
seri (
Vancouver, B.C., Canada - Thursday - August 30th, 2001

This site is so tight. I\'ve never seen such a complete selection of Concerts. I\'m new to trading and I appreciate you making available so much stuff to help me get started. Keep it up!
Mooch (
Portland, OR USA - Thursday - August 30th, 2001

Hey, great page! Keep it up! Your DMB stuff kicks ass... thanks for putting all those songs up! Awesome graphics :D
Cio (
sioux falls, sd USA - Wednesday - August 29th, 2001

Great site! This is awesome..keep up the good work! :)
Amanda (
NY USA - Tuesday - August 28th, 2001

I am so impressed. I\'ve looked everywhere for dmb mp3s, and this is the only site I\'ve ever found that\'s working, up and running... etc. you... are... amazing. GOOD JOB! :-) *claps*
Chrissy (
Seattle, Wa USA - Monday - August 27th, 2001

Amazing site, one problem, everytime i try to download bartender, i only get about 2 minutes. any help? anyone know another place with it on it? thanks p.s. keep up the great work, what amazing archives
Nathan (
Birmingham, AL USA - Sunday - August 26th, 2001

This is the best Dave site out there. Thanks for doing this for the fans. My only problem is that after I download two songs, I can\'t download again until I re-start my computer. Any suggestions?
Brian (
Chapel Hill, NC USA - Sunday - August 26th, 2001

Dang, this site is awesome, I could spend days on it! Good job!
Matthew (
Dallas, TX USA - Sunday - August 26th, 2001

Your DMB page is excellent! I can\'t believe all of the mp3 and videos that you have. Awesome work man! I definitely think that the lillywhite recordings shouldn\'t have been scrapped. Micah Ga Tech ID sophomore
Micah (
atlanta, ga USA - Sunday - August 26th, 2001

Ryan your site is amazing...there is some major work here..well done. I\'ve bookmarked the site and will be back regularily. Keep up all the fantastic work!
ON Canada - Sunday - August 26th, 2001

OK - wow!! I love your Dave site. What a piece of work - you should really be proud. I\'m mo impressed and I know that you can expect tons of hits in the future. Job well done! - DMBandaid
Claire (
Memphis, TN USA - Saturday - August 25th, 2001

hey great site keep keep up the good work
Jack (
chicago, IL USA - Friday - August 24th, 2001

This site totally reeks of awesomeness. Keep up the good work and thanks for creating such a great site for all of DMB fans to come together
Mike (
Westchester, NY USA - Friday - August 24th, 2001

Hey Chumpney, Sorry I missed you this summer, but hopefully I will get down to Atlanta this school year. I miss you! Peas out, Leigh
Leigh (
USA - Thursday - August 23rd, 2001

Man, Sean told me about this site, but he didn\'t tell me it was this awesome!!! He just said that you made your own DMB site and that it was really cool. Your mom said you\'d outdone yourself and man was she right!!
Yaz (
Fairfax, VA USA - Tuesday - August 21st, 2001

The recordings you got are unreal, this is high-quality shit. Do you by any chance have any of the songs from the July 29, 2001 show in Saratoga, New York.
Keith Davis (
maplecrest, ny USA - Monday - August 20th, 2001

Ryan - really enjoyed your site. I\'m trying to get my hands on a good recording of \"Grace is Gone\"... couldn\'t get the ones you have listed up and running - any suggestions? Many thanks - hope to hear from you.
Hazen (
USA - Sunday - August 19th, 2001

This wedsite is amazing. I didn\'t even know Dave covered Exodus. I\'ve been searching for the Lillywhite Sessions forever, and I just got a burner so I\'ve been at this site all day. Dave is the best!
Terese (
MO USA - Saturday - August 18th, 2001

Tess (
Va USA - Saturday - August 18th, 2001

Hey. I\'m a friend of Micky\'s and he told me to check out your site. It\'s pretty cool to get to see pics of everyone who I\'ve heard stories about. Nice page. =) Especially the sexy pics of Micky. ;)
At;lanta, GA USA - Friday - August 17th, 2001

I was thrilled to discover your site. I was really in the mood to listen to JTR, and thanks to your efforts, I could do so (over and over again). By the way, I was at the Toronto venue (August 10, 2001), and wanted to pass on that it was a fantastic performance. All the guys in the band were playing in \"the zone\". The performances were emotionally moving, no only for me and the rest of the audience, but also for the band. Aida
Aida (
St. Catharines, ON Canada - Thursday - August 16th, 2001

Dave Matthews is my God ...and this site is my heaven... best DMB concert download site ive ever seen its really hard to find shows from the 2001 tour im still hoping the show from giants stadium will show up...keep up the good work
Chad (
USA - Tuesday - August 14th, 2001

great site excellent selection. i usually go to 10 to 15 shows a year, but this year i can\'t go to any. live shows are saving my life. it\'s not the same, but i can still get a taste... one thing though, i think that the 1998 camden show was actually played at veteran\'s stadium in philadelphia, not the sony/blockbuster entertainment center. ithink that santana opened for him during that tour.they played three shows in a row from the 23rd, 24th, and 25th. they were all at the vet because of the overwhelming demand for seating .it definitely is not as good of a venue as the e-center though. but i might be wrong
chris carney (
drexel hill, pa USA - Monday - August 13th, 2001

This is an awesome site that you have. I love your downloads. I was recently at the concert in Toronto (8/10/2001). I was wondering if there was any possibility that you will be putting that concert on the site. If you do, thank you, it is VERY appreciated.
Michael (
Toronto, On Canada - Monday - August 13th, 2001

I just wanted to write and tell you that my girlfriend and I are huge Dave fans. We really enjoy the site. It is the best one we\'ve found. Thanks a lot!! natenkatie
natenkatie (
Oceanside, CA USA - Sunday - August 12th, 2001

GREAT downloads!!!! So glad you have 4/21/01!! Looked all over for it! That was an AWESOME concert! You\'re my hero!!!
jessica (
ms USA - Friday - August 10th, 2001

hey, i already signed, but i was just wondering if you had a live version of Pig. Its one of my favorite songs, and i haven\'t been able to find it...
USA - Thursday - August 9th, 2001

Just like everyone who has been lucky enough to find this site has said before me....Fucking awesome!!! One of the best DMB sites I\'ve seen...
Chubbs (
Streetsboro, OH USA - Tuesday - August 7th, 2001

your site is the best one i have ever been to .... i am crazy about this band and you really have made the best site i have ever seen about the group if i had to rate the site its definitly a A+++++++++++++++++++++++ by far thanx for the site
Ian (
buffalo, NY USA - Tuesday - August 7th, 2001

What a great site! The DMB downloads are great and are much appreciated! Thanks!
Kristen (
North Huntingdon, pa USA - Monday - August 6th, 2001

This is a cool site, good DMB stuff. And everyone knows that i love DMB in a big way. If you put up DMB tabs that would make it the best. Just a suggestion. Really enjoyed the media section.
Sean (
San Jose, CA USA - Sunday - August 5th, 2001

This is my favorite website... it has everything~ I\'ve told many of my friends about it.
Meghann (
Lpool, NY USA - Sunday - August 5th, 2001

This site is awesome. I was so happy to see that you had the Lillywhite Sessions!Thanks!!
Daniella (
NJ USA - Sunday - August 5th, 2001

Initally I was very impressed with the site. I have to say though I am a little bummed that all of the shows are not complete. For example 01/29/94 doesn\'t have two step and the songs are all labeled wrong. There is a show labeled RICHMOND, but I cant find any shows that match the setlist with n Still a great site and I appreciate all the trouble. Please try to fix what you have and it would be excellent.
Mike Shafer (
Oh USA - Saturday - August 4th, 2001

This is by far one of the sweetest sites I\'ve seen, and there\'s a lot out there.
Ron (
Rochester, NY USA - Saturday - August 4th, 2001

It\'s great to stumble upon such a fantastic site.
Michael (
Ft Walton Beach, FL USA - Friday - August 3rd, 2001

wow this is an amazing site you dont know how much it means to get to hear and see all of this great music keep expanding it and you have my utmost respect
jason (
nashville, USA - Thursday - August 2nd, 2001

This site is amazing. It is the best Dave site that I\'ve ever seen, and I was wondering if I could link to it. I\'m very impressed, and I want to say thanks for all the free downloads, I only wish I had something you might want in return. Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!
alex marinelli (
new brunswick, nj USA - Thursday - August 2nd, 2001

This site is so awesome. it has what i have been looking for. Thanks again.
Mike Coniglio (
Lubbock, TX USA - Wednesday - August 1st, 2001

This website has everything I\'ve ever wanted to look for.
Darryl (
Worcester, Ma USA - Tuesday - July 31st, 2001

This just may be the coolest web page I have ever seen...
USA - Tuesday - July 31st, 2001

Hi, just found the site while searching for the Lillywhite Sessions and must say, I am VERY impressed. The DMB section, especally the dl\'s is incredible, but the rest of the site rocks as well! My only dissapointment is you\'re not as big of a Beatles fan as you are DMB. :) Keep up the good work!
SgtPepper (
La Crosse, wi USA - Monday - July 30th, 2001

Oh are you hosting all this stuff..on your own server...the school\'s?...I would love to know...
Jon (
Dallas, TX USA - Sunday - July 29th, 2001

Thanks so much for your help...also...on the Wetlands acoustic session mp3--you forgot Two is the last song of the 2nd have all the songs on the 1st set wrong by one...
Jon (
Dallas, TX USA - Sunday - July 29th, 2001

Love your site! Could you please tell me what date the \"PUZZLED\" show was recorded on, I\'ve searched through every setlist but to no avail. Thanks for your help & your site.
Ken (
Melbourne, Vi Australia - Thursday - July 26th, 2001

You are the mp3 master! If it weren\'t for you, I\'d still be searching in vain for lillywhite sessions - thank you so much for providing them, a true & selfless dmb fan!
Elizabeth Drabick (
Charlotte, NC USA - Thursday - July 26th, 2001

Amazing job with the DMB mp3\'s. Hands down the best site out there and kudo\'s for the LillyWhite Recordings! Any word on when it will become an official CD?
jonathan (
Chicago, Il USA - Monday - July 23rd, 2001

thanks for ending my 3 am search for dave matthews... sometimes when you need good music you can\'t rest until it is playing from your computer speakers.
amy beth (
eden prairie, mn USA - Saturday - July 21st, 2001

Thanks for the Lillywhite Sessions! You rock. Kudos for programming in PHP as well! ... if you have any .shn\'s, could you make those available? Thanks again for the great DMB resource!
Stuart Allen (
Raleigh, NC USA - Friday - July 20th, 2001

Another Champney to make contact with !!
Phil Champney (
Oxford, England - Monday - July 16th, 2001

Awesome site! I just thought I\'d mention, the link for 05 Say Goodbye on the Thin Air Acoustic page has been broken for a few weeks now.
Juan Valdez (
Milwaukee, WI USA - Wednesday - July 11th, 2001

All i know is DMB rocks and this site shows it, great site!
Sam (
brookfield, wi usa - Tuesday - July 10th, 2001

What a fantastic site you have. Thank you. Hey--your \"unknown\" song from the \"Not Just Another Night\" set--I think that\'s \"Captain\" (thanks especially for the Lillywhite Sessions!).
USA - Saturday - July 7th, 2001

Great Site! Keep up the great work on the MP3 library
MI USA - Wednesday - July 4th, 2001

Good name !!!!
Phil Champney (
Oxford U.K., - Tuesday - July 3rd, 2001

What an excellent site. The collection of mp3s is the best around.
Dominic (
Erie, PA USA - Monday - July 2nd, 2001

What an excellent site. The collection of mp3s is the best around.
Dominic (
Erie, PA USA - Monday - July 2nd, 2001

Hands down, best DMB music site around. Kudos to you, sir.
Charlotte, NC USA - Wednesday - June 27th, 2001

This site ROCKS!!! This is the best site on the net that I have seen for DMB music. Many thanks!!
Kramer (
Raleigh, NC USA - Tuesday - June 26th, 2001

you are awesome man! thanks so much
ny USA - Saturday - June 23rd, 2001

Great site. Thanks for the great music. Keep up the good work!
Simon da Silva (
Orlando, FL USA - Sunday - June 17th, 2001

I just wanted to compliment on this site. I really enjoy, and I will be visiting often
Diablo2J (
Newton, USA - Wednesday - June 13th, 2001

this page is very good! thanks for avaliable very mp3z of DMB!!!
Leonardo Duarte (
Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil - Sunday - June 10th, 2001

Just wanted to let you know, song #2 on the Secrets album is a dead link. Keep up the great work on the site!
Digitalicat (
Rhinelander, WI USA - Tuesday - June 5th, 2001

hola champney, what´s up with all these chumps that who go crazy over dave matthews? it´s pathetic...i missed your party a couple of weeks ago and i´m sure ya´ll had a good time...tell steve and eric i said hi... TURTLENECK FEVER FOREVER!!!!!!
atl, ga - Sunday - June 3rd, 2001

go to or and get SHNS... 1000x the quality of mp3s.
mp3s suck
USA - Friday - May 25th, 2001

This is an amazing site. I love the look of it, and the substance of it. I give major props to the DMB section, it\'s incredible. DMB is the greatest!! Thank you so much for one hell of a site!
Liana (
Massapequa, NY USA - Friday - May 25th, 2001

This is great. I have been searching the web forever for good dave downloads and this is the place to get them. The Lillywhite songs are awesome.
Caleb Key (
USA - Thursday - May 24th, 2001

I LOVE this site! This is the best, most functionall download site I have ever seen. I\'ve never seen so many intact files. I can\'t believe I found so many DMB songs. Please, don\'t ever leave!!
Paula (
Ithaca, NY USA - Wednesday - May 23rd, 2001

Thank you so much for creating this site. Its one of the best DMB sites I have ever seen and is very well done!
Xavier (
Tucson, AZ USA - Sunday - May 20th, 2001

thank you for putting up this site, it is amazing, and alot better than napster
tim (
Sioux Falls, SD USA - Monday - May 14th, 2001

This is the best DMB site ever!
USA - Monday - May 7th, 2001

Cool site. I didn\'t know there was a champney dot com untill my friends and i were screwing around and found it
Cory Champney (
Forest City, IA USA - Friday - May 4th, 2001

this is the most fuctional and complete DMB site in the world. Never leave us!!!
Aaron (
charlottesville, VA USA - Thursday - May 3rd, 2001

Oh, and by the way, Bert is indeed evil. I met him and he stole my cigarettes. But the Moomins are even more evil.
Shane the Moominist (
Oconnorstown, Hi Ireland - Saturday - April 28th, 2001

Ok, ok, besides the facist-style guestbook censoring, I have to commend your posting of that rather nice recording of the Scott Stadium concert. Wish I Was Here and all that...will Dave ever play anywhere in the Emerald lump \'o\' rock or it\'s eastern Big Brother? Dave, if you\'re listening, the Trinity Ball needs some good music for a change!
Shane the Destroyer (
Oconnorstown, Hi Ireland - Saturday - April 28th, 2001

Thank you for an excellent recording of the DMB concert on 4/21 at Scott Stadium!!!!
Mike J
Irving, TX USA - Thursday - April 26th, 2001

So Chump..sources tell me that Sam and I don\'t really like Dave anymore. I wish I would have known that. Dave is still Dave to us. I just thought it was interesting. well, we\'ll talk to you soon. Later!
Inhar (
Charlottesville, VA USA - Thursday - April 26th, 2001

Hey \"Shane\" (if that is your real name). You should stop treating this guestbook like it is your own personal \'look at me\' page. Its really sad, really. Show a little respect, get a haircut, and for God\'s sake put some clothes on.
Alan (
Dublin, Ireland - Wednesday - April 18th, 2001

Yes, yes, good, good. Those cakes sure are hot \'n\' spicy. I really like the dancing style you guys have over there, as seen in the DMB videos. Groovy. You guys dance up a storrrm. BTW, that Alan guy from Ireland? He stole all your songs. He Alan Farrelled you good, he did. Yep. Definitely a bad guy. Yep, definitely. I eat too much! I drink too much! Too much! I came up with that.
Shane the King (
Oconnorstown, Hi Ireland - Tuesday - April 17th, 2001

Wow, what a great resource this site is! Thank you so much for the Lillywhite Sessions by the way... I\'ve been waiting for 2 weeks for a b&p, but now I don\'t have to! =) My connection is too slow to bother with the videos, but i\'ll get there eventually... i\'m sure they\'re great too. =) Anyways, thanks again for this site! =D - \"everybody needs laughter\" -the Dalai Lama
Karelle (
Vista, CA USA - Thursday - April 12th, 2001

Ok, ok, not bad, thast some good work. We dont get Dave Matthews videos in Ireland at all, but I can tell you there is an I did it video that works at (I still havent seen it) and loads of other good and quite high quality videos, for Windows (zipped). They are bloody good though, the Lillywhite sessions. I\'ll try to keep them a secret, because noone wants them to go all Lars Ulrich on your head. Far too many people called champney sign your guestbook.
Al, (as below)
Dublin, Ireland - Tuesday - April 10th, 2001

You know what I think would would be really cool? If you got the Lillywhite sessions on this site, apparantely they\'ve been leaked. Now that is something I would like to hear. \"aah they have the internet on computers now\".
Ireland - Wednesday - March 28th, 2001

Cool site dude. You got any of the mtv specials?
Snoop Dogg (
USA - Saturday - March 24th, 2001

Cool site dude. You got any of the mtv specials?
Snoop Dogg (
USA - Saturday - March 24th, 2001

cool page..I wonder is we are related? My maiden name is odd..
Pat (champney) Moody (
Maine USA - Thursday - March 22nd, 2001

Your new interface is indeed much better than the old one - that picture of mine on the couch could use a similar graphical upgrade though. Since you\'re rich, if you wanna give me a call, my number is +61 0402 733 948. Otherwise, I\'ll give you a call sometime.
JJ Biscuitz (
Melbourne, VC Australia - Monday - March 19th, 2001

Champ, your new graphics are so 1997.
Charles Alderman (
atl, USA - Monday - March 19th, 2001


I'm signing first. Who wants to be second?? Come on, it's fun!
Ryan Champney <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Saturday, July 11, 1998 at 02:41:19 (EDT)
Ryan, I just can't get enough of all the love eminating from your lovely page. I love you man, really, I do.
Yavar <>
Who cares?, Who cares? Who cares? - Thursday, July 16, 1998 at 01:41:35 (EDT)
You know what? I never realized what a [stud] Ryan was until looking at his page. I mean it! And to have my face planted right in the middle of this cornicopia of [studliness] is an [honor] to my heritage. Well, I'm tired (too much kickin' [of my] butt in ping-pong last night) so I'm gonna take a nap, and dream about what a [dreamy catch] you are, Magoo. See ya. Micky McKeon
Micky <I'm not giving you my e-mail, [cause I'm a] pervert!>
USA - Monday, August 17, 1998 at 09:06:49 (EDT)
It's nice to see that the only people to sign your guest page are your friends!! just kidding, you did a good job ryan.
jen <>
columbia, sc USA - Friday, August 21, 1998 at 14:13:58 (EDT)
I just wanted to say that you are Gay. Just Joking Chumpney.
Matty D.
USA - Sunday, August 23, 1998 at 12:25:09 (EDT)
Hey Ryan, Thanks for all of the emails that you've been sending me since I arrived in Iowa. It took me a while to get things going so that's why I haven't responded yet. You crack me up with your funny forwards. Ha, Ha, Ha! Your web page looks grea t except that there is no picture of me. I guess I just don't qualify as one of you "Friends". Just Kidding, it's great. Thanks for passing along your address. Talk to you soon. -JIll
Jillian Parks <>
Ames, , IA USA - Tuesday, August 25, 1998 at 15:57:28 (EDT)
Hello everyone - come to my webpage for tons of Barenaked Ladies!! I mean it . . . they're all over the place.
Big Dave <>
- Tuesday, August 25, 1998 at 17:27:49 (EDT)
Your site is very Cool! Please visit my web site and sign !
tomohidecom <>
Moriguchi, Osaka Japan - Saturday, September 05, 1998 at 22:33:12 (EDT)
What's up Gayness? I'm just very bored right now and have nothing to do until 12:30 so i'm just trying to kill my time checking out (yet again) your most excellent web page. I wish I could have one just like this, powered by the Linux penguin and all .
Joung <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Monday, September 07, 1998 at 09:05:44 (EDT)
Ryan, This is a very awesome page. I think your Friend page is really cool, too! I was in Band in High School, too, and have a lot of really cool pictures I need to put on a web page also. I just gotta find time! COOL MAN!
Amanda <>
San Marcos, TX USA - Wednesday, September 09, 1998 at 16:40:55 (EDT)
I hate you, you creep. J/K I was bored so decided to check out your cool webpage. C-ya Breann
SEXY Breann Hanson
USA - Monday, September 21, 1998 at 08:21:00 (EDT)
I'm in bio with your bud Matt and he told me to check out your page for Dave pics. They're great, Dave rules! Cool page =)
Melissa <>
Blacksburg, Va USA - Tuesday, September 22, 1998 at 12:04:05 (EDT)
I found you site because of your address of I am wondering if we are related. I am the son of Dan, who is the son of Rex (born in Elk Rapids Michigan, who was the son of Owen, who was the son of Alva. My family came to Michigan from the Ohio in the 1800s. I have an uncle who has traced our family history back to Mass in the 1600s. I am fourteen and very much a star war/ star trek fan. Please respond to me at my e-mail address.
Aaron Champney <>
Grand Blanc, Mi USA - Saturday, September 26, 1998 at 17:31:25 (EDT)
Great page. Good stuff. How do I get access to your DMB MP3's on the gatech network? Help me out!!!
Adam Thompson <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Sunday, September 27, 1998 at 21:33:50 (EDT)
I really like you're page I think its really cool.I really like the thing about Bert is evil
David James <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Thursday, October 01, 1998 at 10:06:03 (EDT)
awesome DMB page. one suggestion: please find "pig" on mp3. its an awesome song. also, maybe you can add a segment on recent DMB news. I figure that such a fan would be caught up on the latest news and can share it with the rest of us. Also, #41 is a badass song that I could not find on you list late. snack p.s. (i'm in your eng1001 class)
Emil Chan <>
atlanta, ga USA - Tuesday, October 06, 1998 at 20:08:03 (EDT)
Well, well. I am glad to see that my picture is not on your website. I hope you are having fun down at Georgia ignoring everyone!! SAM
Samantha Miller <>
USA - Wednesday, October 07, 1998 at 12:50:55 (EDT)
What happened to your mp3 of "Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard"? It was so good!
Melissa <>
Blacksburg, Va USA - Friday, October 09, 1998 at 11:05:25 (EDT)
Great Page, Especially the part from the UVA game
Mike <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Tuesday, October 20, 1998 at 16:15:26 (EDT)
cool, very cool.i am going to DMB nov 19 in grand rapids mi. i stood in line for 61/2 hours for tix...are you that dedicated?
alto, mi USA - Thursday, October 22, 1998 at 08:16:22 (EDT)
I'm one of Joung's straight friends. His page is nothing in comparison to yours, his is nothing but a porn site.
Ethan Moitra <>
Charlottesville, VA USA - Thursday, November 05, 1998 at 18:45:30 (EST)
Your high school sucks!!! (remember last year's football playoffs) and what is this secure access shit??? but anyway i'm sure i'll talk to you soon. good luck skydiving on saturday; don't die or anything
Kyle <>
Centreville, VA USA - Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 18:56:34 (EST)
Nice page Ryan. I like it a lot, especially the Dave matthews section. You're a fanactic, we should try getting you on that show!! Havr fun at Georgia Tech!
Inhar Chong <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Monday, November 30, 1998 at 00:35:47 (EST)
Thank you so much for putting the Crush video on your page. Man I love that song and the video is incredible.
Melissa <>
Blacksburg, Va USA - Monday, November 30, 1998 at 15:59:18 (EST)
Hey Ryan..i got bored and decided to check out your web page. It's pretty cool (I guess), even though I'm not good enough to be considered a friend, but that's ok. Hope you're having a good time down in GA. I'm having a good time here, even if it is UVA. Alrighty, well email me sometime, if you're not too busy with all your frat boys. Bye Ryan!!
Ashley Frazier <>
USA - Tuesday, December 01, 1998 at 16:21:04 (EST)
yo dis sight be tight like what! my man champney is da $h!T
dug-e-fresh <>
fairfax, va USA - Sunday, February 07, 1999 at 15:10:04 (EST)
Really nice page, hopefully one day my home page will be as nice as yours!!
amy <>
fx, va USA - Friday, February 12, 1999 at 20:51:17 (EST)
ryan, when is your spring break? I'll tell you why I want to know once I find out when it is, so hurry the fuck up!!!
yavar <>
USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 16:51:59 (EST)
Just checkin'things out here Ryan. Looks good!!!! Hope to talk to you and see you soon!!!
Jillian Parks <>
USA - Sunday, February 14, 1999 at 21:47:36 (EST)
Ryan, Did you get my e-mail? I really need to know as soon as possible if I could stay with you down there for a couple days, because otherwise I have to make different plans. Talk to you soon.
yavar <>
USA - Thursday, February 18, 1999 at 22:33:45 (EST)
Brian Merrell <>
fairfax, VA USA - Monday, February 22, 1999 at 12:06:00 (EST)
Uhhhhh... we beat your basketball team....hehehehehe
Devon Ull <>
college park, md USA - Monday, February 22, 1999 at 12:08:46 (EST)
chump chump chump chump chumpchumpchumpchumpchumpchumpchumpchumpchump
Chumpney <>
fairfax, va USA - Monday, February 22, 1999 at 17:13:05 (EST)
Jen says that you are gay, but I don't believe her. I stick up for you, yet she still insists. Great web site, especially the Dave part.
Tyler <>
Columbia, SC USA - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 13:04:34 (EST)
Hey Ryan, I just thought I'd check on your web page and see any changes. Looks like you have too much free time on your hands, but I guess it looks okay.
Jen <>
Columbia, SC USA - Friday, February 26, 1999 at 13:06:54 (EST)
Nice site, I like evil bert. The picture with pamela is funny. Matt thinks you're gay. When you click on his name it shows a funny monkey.
Steve <>
fairfax, va USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 20:39:07 (EST)
I thought it was interesting and if u ever do get this e-mail me!!!!! Well I gusse I'll see u soon Erica says hi
Kate Elvey <>
Blacksburg , VA USA - Saturday, April 10, 1999 at 23:04:56 (EDT)
Word up Dogg. How ya doin Jimmy gave me your website very nice.
JP Clark <>
Fairfax, Va USA - Friday, April 23, 1999 at 01:58:47 (EDT)
I hear us Champney's are smart.
Skip Champney <>
Pascagoula, MS USA - Sunday, May 16, 1999 at 13:56:24 (EDT)
Hi. I'm Kim's cousin. Your web site is cool, but her's sucks. bye.
Kiki <>
Md USA - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 15:52:34 (EDT)
Found you by accident looking for a health farm in the UK! Thought you might like to know that you're now famous in London, England. (That'll impress your friends). Well, as they say over here,
Sarah L
USA - Tuesday, June 08, 1999 at 07:58:20 (EDT)
Please contact
Lee Carlton Champney <>
Bardstown, KY USA - Thursday, June 10, 1999 at 11:42:07 (EDT)
Ok, now I'm's been a LONG time and I am still not considered a friend. I am through with you Chumpney. Just kidding. But really, I am pissed off about not being a friend. See if I hang out with you anymore. Talk to you later.
Ashley Frazier <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Monday, July 12, 1999 at 11:04:44 (EDT)
Ryan. I was just sitting here bored off my ass so I figured I would stop by this here website and add my entry in your guestbook. Do you remember that time that we went to the beach that one time? That was fun. Ok. Email me sometime.
Tony Hoehner <>
Edmond, Ok USA - Sunday, August 01, 1999 at 04:10:17 (EDT)
Hi Ryan, Just doing a bit of surfing with our family name. I have never heard of you but I am in Queensland, Australia - are we related?
Susan Champney <>
Ipswich, Qld Australia - Monday, August 09, 1999 at 02:41:49 (EDT)
Well, I thought I would just clear up the common misunderstanding that has come up so frequently in Ryan's guestbook. YES RYAN IS GAY. He had failed to put my picture in, even though we were in the eighthrow orchestra seats at DAVE MATTHEWS together. Some friends page. Don't worry, Ashley and Sam and I aren't bitter. Just don't be surprised if you come up for the GA tech UVA game and dont have a place to stay. Syke, I still love you. ~Leigh
Leigh Rodes <>
Fairfax, va USA - Friday, August 13, 1999 at 15:04:05 (EDT)
Hi Ryan. How's school going? Do you miss us yet? Do you even remember me, since I'm not really a FRIEND or anything. Oh, and thanks Leigh. I never knew Ryan was gay, but I guess it makes sense. You know me and Leigh love you Ryan. Ok, well email me sometime. Talk to you soon!!
Ashley <>
Fairfax, VA USA - Tuesday, August 17, 1999 at 08:54:38 (EDT)
hey ryan it's kate it is my second time coming here make sure you write back ok?? well I hope to c u soon
Kate <SoccerSGB>
USA - Saturday, August 28, 1999 at 21:38:06 (EDT)
Vooooj <>
ATL, GGA U.S.A. - Wednesday, September 01, 1999 at 10:43:08 (EDT)
Hi Ryan, it's Leigh and Ashley. We think you suck. Our pictures are STILL not on your webpage. What's with that?? Are we just not cool enough? Joung thinks we're cool, even if he is asian. We're on HIS page. We see how it is. See if we hang out with you anymore. On a happier note, come and visit soon!!!!
Leigh and Ashley <,>
Charlottesville, VA USA - Sunday, September 05, 1999 at 11:50:16 (EDT)
Hey Ryan. I decided to sign your guestbook again because I clicked on the address to your web page instead of the one that i really wanted to go to, so here I am. :) I guess you're doing fine at school. I'm having a great time myself. If you ever want to take a trip to Columbia call me. I would like to try and come to Georgia some time seeing as how I have never been, but we'll see. E-mail me sometime, I'd love to hear from you. Jen
Jen <>
Columbia, SC USA - Sunday, September 19, 1999 at 23:18:57 (EDT)
Hi Ryan, I get that Chumpney thing a lot too. I figure everyone else is just jealous. I am a mainframe programmer for a mutual funds/annuities company, and I am just starting to pick up HTML and JAVA, and I must say that you have a great page here. Also, the Dave Matthews tribute is much appreciated. Looks like the Champney's need their own chat room? - Chad (Topeka KS)
Chad Champney <>
Topeka, KS USA - Monday, September 27, 1999 at 18:58:42 (EDT)
hey chief you probably dont belive me but my name is also ryan champney. weird huh? anyways i think your dave sight if freakin amazing i have never seen so many mp3s i also have a question for you do you have the concert from vh1 behind the music? just curious thanx cheers,ryan
ryan champney (i swear) ny <guigs>
ny USA - Monday, October 04, 1999 at 21:48:11 (EDT)
This is much cooler than the web page Jared made for me....
Melody <>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Sunday, October 17, 1999 at 01:46:30 (EDT)
OK you dork. If you don't email us soon, how are we going to know if you're really going to visit us??? Email us soon...or else. We really want you to come chill with us. PLEASE email back and let us know what's up. Talk to you soon, ok?? Oh, and you're still gay. BYE!!
Leigh and Ashley <you already know>
Charlottesville, VA USA - Sunday, October 31, 1999 at 13:00:34 (EST)
Hi Ryan, You probably don't know me, but I'm sure we had a class together once. Spanish maybe? I graduated from Fairfax in '99. Im at USC (Carolina) now. Nice web page. :)
Heather Wright <>
Columbia, SC USA - Tuesday, January 18, 2000 at 03:06:23 (EST)
Wow Ryan, I am impressed. This web page must be a real babe magnet, you know how we go for computer geeks! Only Kidding!! I hope all is going well for you, bye :)
Erica <>
USAFA, CO USA - Wednesday, January 19, 2000 at 12:49:35 (EST)
Hey Kiddos!!! Great to see that there are so many of us Champney's out there!! Great page hey, email me!! I go to the university of Oregon. Thanx Bethany!!!
Bethany Champney <>
eugene, or USA - Wednesday, February 09, 2000 at 23:47:52 (EST)
Hey Ryan Love the web page babe!!!!!!! This morning, I woke up with this feeling, I didn't know how to deal with and so I just decided to myself, i'd hide it to myself and never talk about it, and did not go and shout it til you walked into the room I THINK I LOVE YOU!!
Sarah <>
Alfred, NY USA - Friday, February 18, 2000 at 20:31:59 (EST)
Just dropped in to say hello.
Greg Lejeune <>
Houston, Tx USA - Saturday, April 08, 2000 at 15:58:26 (EDT)
Just browsing, thought your site was great. Maybe we're related? My dad's family is from London. I am a student of French and Italian at Manchester University.
Laura Champney <>
Liverpool, England - Sunday, April 23, 2000 at 12:54:56 (EDT)
Another Champney here - just was browsing under my last name and LOVE your site. My father was Thomas Champney, born in Bedford, Mass. I have two teenaged daughters who LOVE Dave Matthews (I do, too!) He's coming to Tampa in Sept and we hope we can still get tickets tomorrow! SUPER SITE! -another Champney
Harriet <>
Tampa, FL USA - Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 00:52:41 (EDT)
Ryan, you are a true DMB fan. I appreciate all the work you put into your's incredible!!!
Crystal <>
FL USA - Friday, May 12, 2000 at 15:09:54 (EDT)
Hey Champ. Hope you and Joung are getting along well in GA. I'm really going to try to come an visit. Hopefully I can convince Leigh to come too. Well, not much else to say. It's nice to see I finally got a decent picture on your site. It's about time! Just kidding. Anyway, I'll talk to you soon. BYE.
Ashley <>
Charlottesville, VA USA - Thursday, June 01, 2000 at 12:53:03 (EDT)
Someday, when i'm awfully low, when the world is cold, I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight.
rainbow meow
USA - Monday, June 19, 2000 at 21:21:20 (EDT)
Ryan, hey dude nice page. I really enjoyed it! You and Kyle are pimps!!!! Ya Ya keep pimpin! E-mail me back sometime and I'll send you my page. I was just surfin and decided to look and your page. Later, Meghan
Meghan <>
Pimptown,University, TX USA - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 13:21:16 (EDT)
Hi there just cruisin the web checking on family history stuff.. stumbled upon your name.funny. I am a Champney too. I noticed some drawings... did you do them? I enjoy doing calligraphy.Must be in the name. Email me back will ya? Have a great one. T.
Theresa <>
NH USA - Tuesday, July 04, 2000 at 21:26:08 (EDT)
Nice page, thanks for the ride.
THEpledge <gte977v@prism.gatech.edy>
Annapolis, MD USA - Friday, August 25, 2000 at 16:56:15 (EDT)
Hello to Ryan and all the Champneys. I am organizing the Champney family reunion by Torch Lakeky <what is e-mail?>
USA - Monday, January 08, 2001 at 19:04:04 (EST)
ryan, first off i have to say GREAT dmb stuff you got here!! i absolutely love dave, and can't get enough of him!! i was tripped out in a hudge way when i saw that you had stuff from his 2000 rfk concert and 99 nissan, i was at both of those. it's not often you see concert info from the exact one's you were at while doing a random search on the inet. keep up the good work!! -avivah
Avivah J. <>
Laurel , MD USA - Sunday, January 21, 2001 at 15:56:47 (EST)
I have just moved my web page and I want to test to see if all is well
Ryan Champney <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 20:22:22 (EST)
Found your site by accident one day while surfing the web at work **;)** Was wondering how/if i could download your Mp3 files onto my computer. This is an AWESOME collection of DMB stuff(one of the best, user friendly I've seen). Thanks!
katie greene <>
florence, KY USA - Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 15:02:59 (EST)
Folks, this guy does not e-mail his friends back. I think we should all boycott this site. Call me CHUMP!! -Davis
Matty D.
USA - Thursday, February 15, 2001 at 10:50:54 (EST)